Needle Gauge Table

needle gauge table

Before getting to know the various sizes of syringes, let’s first identify what a syringe is and what is the history of a syringe. In the medical world, the use of syringes is nothing new. Syringe is a tool used…

Wet vs Dry Cat Food : What’s better for cats ?

wet vs dry cat food
There are two types of food that can be given to your cat, namely wet food and dry food. Which one is better ? Yep, this time we will discuss wet vs dry cat food. Each type of food has advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of nutrition, price, and taste. So, wet vs dry cat food, whats's better for cats ?

Different Types of Uterus in Animals

types of uterus in animals
There are various types of uterus in animals, namely simplex, duplex, didelphia, bipartite, and bicornua types. Before getting to know more about the type of uterus, it's good to know the location, structure, and function of the anatomy of the uterus in general.

Artificial Insemination of Chickens

artificial insemination of chickens
Artificial insemination is a technique of inserting sperm into the female reproductive tract. In artificial insemination of chickens, the sperm entry process is carried out through the cloaca. Insemination is done using a tool called an insemination gun.

Scabies in Cats – Zoonosis

scabies in cats
Scabies in cats is a skin disease caused by mites from the Sarcoptidae family. Such as Sarcoptes scabiei and Notoedress cati. In addition to cats, scabies disease can also attack farm animals. The most common symptom of scabies in animals is the presence of lesions on the skin surface. Then it expands and causes hair loss. Scabies is a zoonotic disease.

Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare :

  • Freedom From Hunger and Thrist
  • Freedom From Thermal and Physical Discomfort
  • Freedom From Injury, Disease, and Pain
  • Freedom to Express Most Normal Pattern of Behavior
  • Freedom from Fear and Distress


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