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Gigih Fikrillah S

Gigih Fikrillah S

Hi ! I am a veterinary student at Universitas Airlangga. I hope that what I wrote can help you to change the world. Laatahzan

4 Procedures of Ovariohysterectomy in Cats

procedure of ovariohysterctomy in cats

Before knowing about ovariohysterectomy in cats, it’s a good idea to first understand why a female cat is castrated. The population of feral cats that are increasing day by day is disturbing the community. Because it is related to the…

Fowl Pox in Chicken

fowl pox in chicken
Fowl pox in chicken is an infectious disease caused by a virus. Fowl pox virus can infect various types of poultry such as turkeys, chickens, birds, and various other types of poultry. There are several different strains of the Pox virus, according to the host that is the subject of infection.

5 Dehorning Cattle Methods

how to dehorning cattle
Dehorning cattle is an act of removing horns, by way of or turning off the growth of horns in the early stage. Cutting the horns is important in several cases, such as the presence of horns that pay attention to the view, horns that point towards the head causing injuries, to the need for breeders to facilitate handling.

Rabies : Causes, Symptoms, Transmission

rabies causes symptoms transmission
Rabies is one of the many dangerous viruses. If not treated immediately, the rabies virus can cause a person to die. Therefore, it is important for all of us to learn about the rabies virus, whether it causes, symptoms, how it is transmitted, or the rabies virus itself.

Types of Uterus in Animals

types of uterus in animals

There are various types of uterus in animals, namely simplex, duplex, didelphia, bipartite, and bicornua types. Before getting to know more about the type of uterus, it’s a good idea to know the location, structure, and function of the general…

Needle Gauge Table

needle gauge table
Lets talk about needle gauge table. The size of a hypodermic syringe or needle is indicated by a number that has units of "G" or Gauge. Gauge comes from the Birmingham Wire Gauge which is a measure of the size of the wire. Since the 19th century the British medical world used the gauge as a needle size.

Artificial Insemination of Chickens

artificial insemination of chickens

Artificial insemination of chickens is a technique of inserting the sperm of rooster into a hen to produce good quality eggs in a short time using an insemination gun. Artificial insemination is also known as AI. In Indonesia, the increase…