Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare :

  • Freedom From Hunger and Thirst
  • Free From Thermal and Physical Discomfort
  • Free From Injury, Illness and Pain
  • Freedom to Express Most Normal Behavior Patterns
  • Free from Fear and Troubles

tips to keep your cat healthy

Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

This article is about tips to keep your cat healthy. For me having a cat is a fun thing. I can play with cats, usually I also talk to cats, I don’t know, it feels like he understands what I’m…

wet vs dry cat food

Wet vs Dry Cat Food

There are two types of food that can be given to your cat, namely wet food and dry food. Which one is better ? Yep, this time we will discuss wet vs dry cat food. Each type of food has advantages and disadvantages, both in terms of nutrition, price, and taste.