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4 Ways to Identify a Hamster’s Gender : Male or Female

Before knowing more about how to identify a hamster’s gender male or female in this article, allow us to share stories about our cute hamsters. A month ago we decided to have a hamster. With steadfast determination we finally decided to go to one of the petshops in our city. We want to buy a male hamster and a female hamster. However, we don’t really know how to tell the difference between a male hamster and a female hamster.

The petshop keeper who served us also didn’t know how to tell the sex of a hamster. Finally we decided to choose a hamster that looks male and a hamster that looks female. So far, both of our hamsters are growing healthily. Rini gave her the names Cha and Cho. Cha has a calm and docile character, while Cho is a badboy who is violent and likes to bite. Even so, Cho always loved Cha and protected him.

From the experience above, we feel that our knowledge of hamsters is lacking. We don’t even know how to differentiate between the sexes of Hamsters. Therefore, we decided to look for various references and conclude how to effectively differentiate the sexes. Here are some ways you can do to distinguish a male hamster from a female hamster.

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A. Differences between Male and Female Hamsters

How to identify a hamster’s gender ? Some things that can be used as a reference for the differences between male and female hamsters are the genitals, nipples, smell glands, and their nature. However, it is easier to tell the difference between male and female hamsters when they are adults.

Hamsters are still small, the formation of their genitals is not so perfect. If the hamster is pregnant, the difference can be seen in the nipples that stand out and are clearly visible behind the hair on the abdomen.

1. Genitals

how to identify a hamsters gender

To distinguish male hamsters from female hamsters, you can look at the genitals of each hamster. Hamster genitals are located on the underside of the body behind near the tail and anus. In female hamsters, will be seen in the form of the formation of the vagina and anus. Whereas in male hamsters, you will see an open penile formation and anus.

The older the hamster, the easier it will be to tell the sex. Hamsters under 3 months of age usually have genitals that are not clearly visible. As an adult, you will see a bulge or hole near the anus of Hamsters. Male hamsters have anus distance with long genitals, which is about 2 cm to 3 cm. Whereas in female hamsters, the distance between the anus and the genitals is very close. When it reaches reproductive age, male hamsters can find lumps which are testes. The testes are located near the anus and are a pair.

2. Nipples

The second way to identify a hamster’s gender is from the nipples. Hamsters belong to mammals. Female hamsters that are ready to reproduce have 4 to 6 pairs of nipples. Meanwhile, in male hamsters, nipples were not found.

3. Odor Glands

Male hamsters have scent glands that are clearly visible above their genitals. So it looks like a navel. Whereas in females, there are no scent glands above the genitals. So that you can see only the nipples.

4. Nature

Male hamsters are more aggressive and agile than female hamsters. However, Cambel and Winter hamsters bite more often than other types of hamsters. Hamster agility level is also determined by the health of the hamster itself. To overcome this, you can use thick gloves so as not to be bitten by the hamster. In addition, using transparent containers such as glass or plastic can also be done to avoid biting a naughty hamster.

B. Conclusion

Keeping and caring for hamsters is not difficult. There are two main things that must be considered in caring for hamsters, namely a comfortable place, and adequate food and drink.

A comfortable place in the form of a place that is wide enough to move and do exercise, clean, also protected from danger. Meanwhile, feed and drink must be given regularly and replaced so that it does not become a place for fungus and bacteria to grow. Thank you for read about 4 Ways to Identify a Hamster’s Gender.

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